Brazilian-born designer Mickaela grew up in Rio de Janeiro. From very early on, she was surrounded by what was later to inspire her — the beauty of the precious stones, one of Brazil’s countless natural riches. Even after going to Heidelberg, Germany, where she received her Masters, she never quite lost her love for design and creation.

It was soon after Mickaela moved to Monte-Carlo ten years ago, that she rediscovered her true calling for fashion and design. Monte-Carlo, on the Côte d´Azur in the picturesque South of France, has forever been a cultural melting pot — and the source of inspiration for the majority of her unique designs.

She now presents her first Momentz jewelry collection.

I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating contemporary jewelry using only the finest quality materials — especially those possessing pure, natural beauty. I use an immense array of different materials in my work, which come from all around the world. For women, jewelry is personality. My approach is to design extraordinary pieces that you can still wear every day because of their casual simplicity.

F      I      N      E            F      A      S      H      I      O      N              J      E      W      E      L      R      Y